PAD Program Oversight

Medical oversight of public access defibrillation programs is mandated by many state agencies. Registration of the device with state and local authorities and periodic device checks are important in insuring your devices are ready to be used and provide the best chance for treating sudden cardiac arrest. Let JMDO Emergency Services help comply with state and local regulations in a cost effective manner.

Program includes:
• Medical oversight for the program.
• Prescription for device and supplies.
• Registration with local and state authorities as required.
• Annual re-authorization if required.
• Reminders to perform maintenance checks and review expiration dates.
• Event review after each device use.
• Licensed in NY, NC and VA.
• Cost:
o $100/year per device for the first 5 devices.
o $75/year for each additional device above 5 devices.

Dr. Myers is licensed in NY, PA, VA and NC.